The Royal project story

Strawberry Type 80 “Love mountain”
Strawberry Type 80 “Love mountain”
So many love stories everywhere in the month of February. This month is also the season of “Strawberry Type 80” from Royal Project. These strawberries are as fresh and sweet as ever! Sizzler specially selected this type of strawberry by Royal Project to welcome Valentine’s Day this year for you to feel the love in every single bite!

1 Out Of 100
Rewind back to 49 years ago, when the Royal Project was originated, we were not sure which type of fruit and vegetable that can grow well in the mountain instead of opium. Farmers tried growing almost 100 types of fruit and vegetable. One of the final results is this beloved, sweet strawberry.

Different kind of Sweetness
Back in 1972, Royal Project Foundation first brought strawberry seeds from Japan to grow on Doi Pui for the first time. After that, it was planted in an agricultural field as an experiment at Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang. The final result is Strawberry Type 80 which is full of nutrients. It can help prevent cancer, protect eyes and heart. If you  want   taste  the freshness of Strawberry Type 80, you have to check out Royal Agricultural Station Angkhang in Chiang Mai, which grows strawberries in terrace farming, 1400M above sea level.

Popular Taste
There are many types of Royal Project Strawberry, but the most popular one is definitely “Strawberry Type 80” Farmers love to grow this type of strawberry in Angkhang because it doesn’t catch diseases easily. The strawberry is also very delicious. When  it’s fully ripen , the color is bright red with  sweet  smell. Sizzler specially selected the freshness and deliciousness from the mountain, delivered to you in menu “Valentine Strawberry Delight” which has layers of sweet and sour strawberries with smooth crème  brulee  mousse and whip cream. Take your special one to try this delicious dessert from today until 28 February.