The Royal project story

Baby Cos Lettuce
If you love eating salad, our guess is you must know and love sweet, tender, and juicy vegetable called “Baby Cos Lettuce” directly sent from The Royal Project to Sizzler. Not only it has the cutest name, but also contains a lot of nutrients. No wonder everyone falls in love with this sweet and crispy Baby Cos! 

Collect as early as 6AM!
Baby cos grows at Mae Tho Royal Project in Chiang Mai and Mae Sariang Royal Project in Mae Hong Son. The best timing to collect Baby Cos is during 6-7AM. After that, the vegetables will be sent to Royal Project Pruduce Center in Chiang Mai within 11AM.  

Sweet and crispy all year round
Baby Cos is a Royal Project vegetable that can be grown all year round. Farmers select seeds, sow, and take care of the vegetable by preventing it from pests. 

Growing 50 days!
It takes around 45-50 days from young to fully grown plants with layered green leaves. This is the best time to harvest Baby Cos. 

Fun mix with 60 menus on salad bar
Like Cos lettuce, it is recommended to eat Baby Cos when it’s fresh, and the best way to eat is to mix in salad, with healthy, delicious salad dressing. You can enjoy mixing Baby Cos with a variety of 60 menus on salad bar at Sizzler.