I can only buy Member Card online? Can I still buy it at Sizzler store?

>You can still buy Sizzler Member Card at all Sizzler store in Thailand and add your card to the online system to start collecting all your spending at Sizzler store and received more benefits.
>You can find how to register the card online from question number 8

Do you have a minimum purchase amount when paying with credit card ?

You can pay by credit card with no minimum purchase requirement.
We accept major credit cards from all banks.

Is Pumpkin Soup no longer offered in your menu?

Currently, Pumpkin Soup is a limited-time offer only. However, our food development team is considering to make it a regular item....stay tuned!

Can I have a Lunch Special promotion after 3 pm?

You have to order our Lunch Special before 3 pm so that you can have "Eat-All-You-Can" salad bar, dessert, and fruits. 

How do I apply for Gift Voucher? What are the terms of use?

Come and visit any of our stores to use our Gift Voucher. You can use it instead of paying in cash or to apply a discount on your meal.
Gift vouchers, however, cannot be exchanged for cash and are non-refundable.

Do you have any birthday promotion?

Yes, we offer FREE Combination Platter for Sizzler Member Card holder. 
You can buy it now at every Sizzler store for Baht 399 and receive various benefits including 10% discount for cash and 5% discount for credit card at every purchase. 

How do I make faster reservation ?

For your ease, we highly recommend you use the QueQ application to book reservations in advance.
Just choose "Sizzler" and your preferred branch.
With QueQ, you won't need to queue when you arrive at your reservation schedule.


Download the QueQ app:

iOS :

Android : 
[Download QueQ]

iOS :

Android :

Do I need to order food for children ages 3-4 years old because they dont eat much?

Children below 7 years old get to eat for free. They can also share food with their parents or order from the Kid's Menu for some added protein to their meal.

Can I request for cheese baking service ?

We regret that the cheese baking service is no longer available due to a policy from our headquarters. However, this does not mean we will stop creating delicious cheese menu for our customers. Stay tuned!

Do you have any allergens in your food ?

Please inform our staff if you have allergies to any food or ingredients before ordering. We can show you the ingredients for each menu item so you can order what you prefer.

Can I request for more cheese toast ?

If you are a Cheese Toast lover, you can buy extra cheese toast for just Baht 40 for 2 pieces
or Baht 69 for 4 pieces. We recommend topping it with ketchup. They go together so well!

Could you recommend which menu is served with free salad bar please?

We also have various selections in our menu at Sizzler with free salad bar for main dishes.
You can see all Sizzler menu from our website inside the "Menu" tab.
If you are a beef lover, I would recommend you try the Australian Chopped Terriyaki Steak, a delicious tender chopped beef with cheese.