History of Sizzler

Sizzler, the global franchise, western - style restaurant was first opened in Culver City, California on January 27, 1958 by pioneering restaurateurs Del and Helen Johnson, The name 'Sizzler' comes from 'sizzle' sound of steak on the hot plate.

In late 1966, Del and Helen decided to retire and sold their Sizzler business to Jim Collins, who later became the largest fast food franchiser on the US's West Coast.

In 1985, Collins Foods International, controlling the Sizzler franchise, moved
the brand into the Australian market with its first location in Annerley, a suburb
of Brisbane, before expanding throughout Queensland, New South Wales,
and North and West Australia.

In Thailand, the Sizzler franchise is handled by SLRT Limited, a subsidiary
of The Minor Food Group Plc, one of Thailand's most successful restaurant operators.

The first location opened on January 9, 1992 on the 2nd floor of the Fifty Fifth Plaza, Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok (Closed store).Later, Sizzler Thailand expanded into
48 restaurants with 29 in Bangkok Metropolitan Region and 19 in major provinces. Click here for Sizzler locations.

SLRT Limited follows the successful recipes of Sizzler worldwide. The Sizzler menu features, not only a healthy variety of freshly prepared steaks and seafood but also delicious chicken dishes, combination meals, burgers and the famous unlimited soup, salad, pasta, fruit and dessert bars.

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