The Sizzler Story

Sizzler invented 'casual dining' in Australia and introduced the first Soup, Salad, Pasta, Fresh Fruit and Dessert Bar concept. Since those pioneering days, we have expanded our 'classic grill' to include, not only steak and seafood, but also delicious chicken dishes, BBQ ribs, combination meals, and burgers.

'Variety' and 'freedom to choose' set Sizzler apart from other dining experiences.
At Sizzler customers are free to control the volume, nutritional balance and variety
of each meal by ordering from the grill and helping themselves to our famous Soup, Salad, Pasta, Fruit and Dessert Bars.

Sizzler presents a warm, friendly face to its customers who represent a wide range
of people. Our on-going commitment to broadening the 'casual dining' experience has made Sizzler one of the most popular and best value for money contemporary restaurants.

Sizzler's distinctively designed, clean, friendly restaurants offer a 'casual dining' alternative that comfortably sits between fast food and fine dining.
When you add quick service and a healthy variety of high quality, good value,
freshly prepared meals, it's no wonder that Sizzler remains one of most favourite dining destinations

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