The Royal project story

Waiting for our beloved Trout
As they say “Slow and steady wins the race” this can be applied with our amazing story of Rainbow Trout from The Royal Agricultural Inthanon that farmers from The Royal Project help fishing so many processes until we get delicate, sweet flavored fish. This is everyone’s favorite menu, which is why it’s Sizzler’s highlight menu on Mother’s Day, with signature Sizzler salad bar.

Rainbow Trout Habitat
Rainbow Trout is a coldwater fish species that can be found in 18-20C temperature. The Rainbow Trout originated from North America. The Royal Project adapted using Siripoom cold waterfall near Doi Inthanon which is a cold current to imitate their natural habitat.

Baby Trout
Rainbow Trout generally spawn in December when water temperature is around 12C. At two years old, trout are ready to reproduce. The cold water temperature is suitable for male’s sperm and female’s eggs to fertilize. After the eggs are hatched, they will be removed to a bigger pond until they are 3 month’s old.

Sizzler’s highlight dish
Of all the details described, no wonder why rainbow trout has such delicate and sweet-flavored. Sizzler has specially picked rainbow trout from Royal Project to be a highlight menu for Mother’s Day this year. We offer a set of Grilled Rainbow Trout from Royal Project with Grilled Prawns, served with a drink and blueberry dessert, with only 599.- per set. Combining with Sizzler signature salad bar, this is a good value for money menu indeed.