The Royal project story

“Where is it?” “Sizzler has this vegetable?” “What does it look like? I’ve never tried it before!”
We’ve got so many questions from you, so let us provide you with all the answers. We believe Sizzler Salad Bar fans have tried Radicchio before, but probably never noticed it because we brought Radicchio from the Royal Project mixed in hydroponic salad. It is a type of chicory with red leaves. You can enjoy this every day, all you can eat, on Sizzler Salad Bar. 

Radicchio Origin
The Royal Project has been planting Radicchio for over 20 years. It was originated from well-known chefs because Radicchio is used widely in western restaurants. The Royal Project tried planting Radicchio and Chicory, but the mountainous weather is not cold enough for Chicory. So we are left with Radicchio and Royal Project Foundation have been developing different types since then, from Mae Poon Luang and Ang Khang in Chiang Mai, and Nong Hoi in Chiang Rai.  

Planted by 47 Royal Project farmers families
Radicchio is a cool season crop and grows best in full sun with cold climate. It matures approximately in 3 months. While it may take longer time than other plants, it can generate income per kilogram higher than others. Hmong and Lahu people from 47 families in 3 Royal Project Foundation help planting Radicchio this year.

Top three vegetable Salad bar menu
Radicchio is grown alongside cabbages and onions. Farmers will alternate between these three to help with soil condition. Radicchio contains a much higher amount of antioxidant than red cabbage. With all these reasons, no wonder Radicchio is ranked #3 of the vegetable amount delivered from The Royal Project.