The Royal project story

Needle beans one bite a day!
Needle bean is another type of vegetable in Royal Project which has been on Sizzler’s salad bar menu for a long time. Not many people know about needle beans, and some still think it’s as same as string beans. Today we want to introduce needle bean, small vegetable but full of nutrients. 

Fresh from Mae Tha Nua 
The origin of needle beans is at Mae Tha Nua Royal Project in Chiang Mai, which is an evergreen forest and mixed forest, 520 – 1,250 meter high from sea level. The soil is sandy clay which is suitable for growing fruit and vegetable, as well as livestock.

Delicate task for the best vegetable 
Only 8-10 farmer families from Mae Tha Nua Royal Project who can collect needle beans every day for the whole country in Thailand. Growing needle beans is not an easy task as the vegetable is extremely delicate. The most challenging task is the harvest timing. Needle beans are the soft pods of string beans, with only 5-6CM length. Farmers can collect twice a day, morning and evening. However, it needs to be collected in the same day. Otherwise small needle beans will grow into string beans which have bigger pods.

High protein
            The high amount of protein in needle beans comes with “Lysine” an important amino acid, full of nutrients. Needle beans are very delicious, as well as nutritious. People who exercise regularly can eat them to build strength, while vegetarians can eat as a substitute for protein. If you want to try the sweet, crispy needle beans from Royal Project,  come  try at Sizzler’s salad bar, with 139 THB all you can eat promotion!