The Royal project story

How organic rice change the world?

At Sizzler, we never stopped delivering delicious food that gives happiness to customers, as well as farmers. Sizzler organic rice, a side dish mixed with 5 types of healthy organic rice is a great example. It is planted with great care by farmers from North East, a well-known region for Thailand’s organic rice. If you love our organic rice, feel free to let us know why! See if it’s as same as us below.  
1.Distribute income to organic farmers
             Of all our searches for the best organic rice sources, in March 2016, we finally found the best organic rice souce from Amnat Charoen and Yasothon. We help these farmers produce the best organic rice for Sizzler customers, with the aim of healthy diet. We mix 3 types of rice togehther 1. Jasmine rice 2. Coarse rice 3. Organic Thai three mix brown rice which make our rice unique with aromatic smell and soft texture. It’s become very popular that we can distribute a good amount of income to these farmers by ordering 70 tons of rice a year. 

2.Say goodbye to Office Syndrome
            Hectic city lifestyle, especially for office workers, can cause a lot of health issues. It’s true when they say “You are what you eat” You should adopt organic diet which is good for your health like Sizzler organic rice. It can help prevent anemia, colon cancer, diabetes, and make your skin healthy. It’s full of Vitamin B which helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well.

3.Plant from our hearts to help the Earth
            Organic farming is a challenging desk which requires expertise and great attention. But it’s great for the Earth because it uses natural substances while prohibits synthetic substances. It also relies on fertilizers of organic origin and pesticides are strictly prohibited. Organic farming is great for sustainability, as well as health and food safety.